I was born in England in 1971 and my family emigrated to New Zealand when I was just a baby.

I have worked with animals and children for most of my life.  My father was a Dairy Farm Manager which taught me about caring for animals!  When I was 18 years old I really enjoyed being a Shephard and helping ewe's with their lambs and then when I was 20 I went back to the UK to find my roots and family.  I worked as a Milker when I first arrived in the UK, but I then found an amazing job as a Nanny and I was hooked in caring for children before marrying and having my own children.

In 2004 my husband and I parted ways and I have been a proud, single mother every since... during that difficult time of seperation, Energy Healing helped me heal and sort out in which direction I wanted to go with my life.  And so my spiritual journey began.... About Energy healing

Four of my five amazing children and I now live on the gorgeous Kapiti Coast with amazing sea views from my patio.  We are blessed to share our home with two siamese, a ginger kitten (with attitude) and an awesome dog!

Working with people and animals is what I am passionate about and I am constantly learning about the power of energy healing which has empowered me to want to assist others in their journey of life.  The giving and receiving of Energy Healing is amazing, as the Universal Energy is always directed to the right place where healing is needed, whether it be a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual healing.

I love being an Energy Healer as each treatment is different so my work stays interesting and exciting as I endeavour to help people to develop the tools needed to grow and heal themselves.