Animal Energy Healing is ideal for use with animals because it is gentle and noninvasive it doesn't cause stress, discomfort or pain, and yet the results are very powerful. It is also very effective because Energy Healing does not rely on contact to have a positive result.

Animals respond intuitively to an energy healing which helps them to heal emotional, behavioral and physical illnesses and injuries. Animals are more intuitive than humans as they are extremely sensitive to any kind of energy.

There are many positive reasons for gifting an Energy Healing to your animals, one being that it gives your pet a wonderful sense of balance and well-being. 

If your animal suffers from any of the symptoms below, please let ELAMORE show you the fantastic results that  Energy Healing can give your pet....

  • Accelerate rehabilitation periods from illness or injury
  • Stress – reduces nerves
  • Depression levels – or if they are just out of kilter from the norm
  • Settling a new horse into a yard
  • Recovery from cruel treatment
  • Stage fright before an event – give them more confidence
  • Calm an animal down before transit
  • Improve behaviour on all levels eg. Highly strung/Unsettled animal

For animals that are ill, Energy Healing is a wonderful healing method as well as a safe compliment to Western Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy and other forms of healing.

For dying animals, Energy Healing is a powerful yet gentle way to provide comfort, relief from pain, fear and anxiety and ease the transition to the other side.


Prices - per 1/2 hour

Horse - $40 

Dog - $30 

Cat - $30

Rabbit - $30 

Rat - $20

Any animal can receive Energy Healing, please give Helen a call and you will quoted a price

First consultation is for an hour and the price is as per the half hour


Highly Recommended - Book and pay for FOUR treatments and receive 20% off (not including first consultation)

Call out fees may apply, please ask when booking your appointment


For more information please call Helen on 0275 808 948


Energy Healing should never be a substitute for proper veterinary care - see disclaimer below.



Energy Healing will complement any traditional veterinary care. If your pet is sick, injured, on medication, or you have any other concerns, please check with your vet prior to receiving Energy Healing treatment. For a seriously ill pet or life-threatening condition, please always seek proper veterinary care.

This also applies to us humans as well...Please go to your Dr if you have any concerns about your health. Energy Healing will speed up the healing process but should not be a replacement for the advice received from your Dr.