Massage is one of the most common methods that can relax the physical body, relieving stress and tension. Used with essential oils, the fragrance works directly on the deepest levels of the emotions, while the skin absorbs the therapeutic elements of the oils.


Gift Vouchers are available for all massaging services



Host a morning/afternoon tea or a wine evening with 6 or more of your friends. While you are having a fun, relaxing, social time catching up with your friends, Helen will be in a private room providing a little bit of ME TIME with a Magic Mini Massage. (Details below) Only $10 ($5 saving)

(4 friends and the massage will be $12 per person)

When one or more of your friends book a ME TIME Party, the Hostess will receive a 30-60 minute massage or healing


Business - Magic Mini Massage

Magic Mini Head & Shoulder Massage - ELAMORE will come to your place of work and offer you a little bit of magic and bliss. 

In a quiet space, with you sitting in an upright chair covered with a Mink blanket, we will relieve the stress and tension from your:

 ♥ Upper Back

 ♥ Shoulders

 ♥ Neck

 ♥ Head

 ♥ Ears

 ♥ Face

This massage is a mini version of the Indian Head Massage (see below)

$15 - 15 minutes  



Pampering Foot Massage

Have a relaxing hour having your feet pampered...Have them soaked in a warm foot bath and then receive an exquist massage that finds all the sore points that you didn't know existed but relieved to get rid of. ELAMORE will leave you feeling like you are walking on air.

$50 - 60 minutes


Back, Shoulder and Neck

This combination massage is great if you work all day in an office chair!  It releases all the tension in your back, shoulders and neck.  We will start with a light warm up massage and then work up to a deeper massage to work on those knots down your spine and on your shoulders and neck.  We will tailor the massage to your needs whether you want a deep massage or a lighter massage.

$40 - 30 minutes

Full Body Relaxation Massage

This massage includes your head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, back, legs and feet being worked on.  We will ensure that you are very comfortable and know that you will not be required to be naked.  If you have any special requirements, please tell us before the massage begins.  Then lay down and relax and enjoy the sensation of having the knots of tension released from you body.

$70 - 60-80 minutes

Having a bad back is no joke...let us help you!


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IndianHeadMassageImageIndian Head Massage   

This massage involves the use of massage techniques to relieve tension not only in the head, but also the upper back, shoulders, neck and face.  These areas are massaged with firm and gentle rhythmic strokes and pressure points.  

Tension can build up in upper body, due to bad posture and stress, which can make you tired and run down.  This particular form of massage can be used to relieve eye strain, insomnia, migraines, stiff necks and shoulders and headaches.  A full treatment of Indian head massage, can help to release this built up tension, leaving one feeling refreshed, relaxed and calm.

Indian head massage can be performed at home or even in the workplace, as it does not require the removal of clothing, and is usually done with the client sitting on a chair.  It is ideal for those who sit at desks all day, and can provide instant relief from stress. 

 $50 - 45-50 minutes




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AngelLoveCRYSTAL PRISMS - Children Spiritual Group (Ages 7-16)

Motto : Walking hand in hand and side by side as one..Supporting one another to get to where the feeling of oneness feels like home.

Our aim is to assist the sensitive children coming into our world, who are finding it hard to 'find their place' here.  They need to have their gifts acknowledged and be encouraged to build on them before our society makes them disappear completely.  We hope to help them to remember who they are and what they have come to earth to accomplish.

The following is a list of things that we will be covering in our group meetings:

♥ Give children the tools they need to deal with the visitors they can get during the night

♥ Help them make sense as to why they react a certain way

♥ Find ways together to deal with certain issues in society that can affect them strongly

♥ Teach them how to meditate

♥ Help them to communicate with their angels

♥ Expand on their healing gifts


Please email Helen - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - if you are interested in this group or for more information




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Angel Card Readings

We have a few decks of cards for you to choose from...whichever one you feel drawn to we will use in your Angel Card Reading. The cards are shuffled and we draw out a number of cards depending on what question you would like the answer to. The cards can help us better hear the messages and guidance from the other side...whether it be from the angels or the guides around you.

We all have 'intuition', it's that 'gut' feeling you get when you aren't sure or very sure about something or someone! Being able to give someone a reading is just listening and trusting the messages coming through. In any card reading the message reveals the probable outcome based on your current thoughts and circumstances. If you change your thoughts and behaviors you will notice that the cards will reflect this change.

You are in charge of your own destiny, so take the guidance and help that these readings give you, as a nudge in a positive direction on your journey of life.

Find me on Facebook or send me an email or text for an Online Reading 

Online Reading (3Cards) $40

Online Reading (1Card) $20


0275 808 948 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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Major Chakra Summary








Inside the top of
the head
Between the eyes

Adam’s apple


Stomach area

3 to 4 inches
below Solar Plexus
(tummy button)
Base of spine

Corresponding Issues

Claircognizance and Divine
Clairvoyance (Intuition and
Communication, speaking your
Love, realization of oneness.
Healing and harmony
Power and control. Clarity and
Physical desires and appetites,
addictions. Creativity

Survival and sustenance
concerns, such as money,
shelter and basic material needs




Light Blue Michael